We bought our Harman Pellet Stove Pro II, 20 years ago. Like most people we were looking for a better way to heat our house without the mess and the risk. We saw Earl at the Smiths Falls Home Show and he convinced us this is the way we needed to go. Earl came and installed our stove. He explained how it operated and even piled our pellets down in our basement. After 17 years of running, the board went. That was the only time we have replaced a major part in our stove. What we love about our stove is that its almost maintenance free. We start it (manually) and fill the hopper and it just runs. Only shuts down once every 4-6 weeks for a good cleaning. Start it again and off it goes. We also like the fact that when it runs out of pellets the power shuts off, it burns itself out. Whenever someone asks us about our wood pellet stove we tell them we love ours. We also tell them to buy a Harman, if there buying a stove, it’s the best. People can’t believe that our stove has been running for 20 plus years. Actually we can’t believe it. We talk about upgrading ours because we know the new technology has improved over the years, but our stove just won’t die. So why replace it, it still runs great. And the service we get from Ferguson’s Energy Systems is the best. They are just a phone call away.

Barry & Donna Barr

Merrickville, ON

We have a brick bungalow with a full basement. Many years of working in our basement we finally finished our dream rec room. The problem we have now is the large room is always cool and damp. One day we went for a drive and ended up at Ferguson’s Energy Systems. Earl & Marie were very helpful and spent the time to give us all the information we needed to make the best decision we could for our home. In February 2012 we bought a Harman P43, we absolutely love it. Our large dream rec room has become our favorite cozy place to hang out in our home.

Frank & Donna Blancher

Athens, ON

I purchased a Harman stove last December just before Christmas and have been very impressed with the stove as well as your company. The sales & service installation was exceptional as well as your delivery service. I’m sure we will be enjoying our stove for many years to come.

Cathy Copeland

Spencerville, ON

I want to thank Earl and the rest of the staff for your excellent customer service. The company I purchased my first stove from had the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Thankfully Earl helped me with my P38 stove, so I no longer had a problem with it. I like the Harman stove so much that I upgraded this spring to the XXV stove. It is absolutely amazing. Very easy to use, I feel it will be even more efficient than the P38. Plus it is very attractive to look at. I am now looking forward to next winter!

Anthea Davis

Portland, ON

We had a Harman pellet stove installed by Ferguson’s Energy Systems in August 2012, and we LOVE IT. This was the first year we were able to enjoy the basement of our home in the winter. It also maintained a comfortable temperature throughout the rest of the house.

Dave & Sandi Dennison

Mallorytown, ON

Just a short note to tell you how pleased we are with our purchase of our Harman P43 pellet stove. We had it installed in April- thinking it was good to go for next season but mother nature dealt us some cold weather and even this morning we used it to warm up the house. It is a wonderful & beautiful addition to our living room. Thank you for the great installation, friendly competent installers and clean job. You are talented! Keep us the good work.

The Dixons

Bath, ON

Just to let you know that we are so pleased with the heating performance of our P43 pellet stove. It is located in our lower rec room and manages to heat the entire home for the winter, with a few fans running. Our home is about 1150 sq. ft. bungalow. Sure beats burning wood. Nice and clean with the little maintenance. Thanks!

Bob Erickson

Brockville, ON

Last October my husband Phil & I were looking to purchase a new wood stove for our home. We went to a few different stores to get some information about different models and also to check out information on pellet stoves. We were really impressed with the information that Earl provided us and was very thankful that he came the same day to look at our basement and tell us what he could foresee as a pellet stove where our wood stove was. Not only were we impressed with his prompt attention but the service we have received from this company has been outstanding. Prior to us purchasing we had numerous questions and not once did we feel that we were a pest. When we did purchase and we felt that the stove we got was not performing to the capacity that we wanted, we got a larger one and Earl made the deal worth while as he did want a satisfied client. The stove worked very well for us and we have recommended your company to many of our friends who are looking at possibly changing to a pellet stove. The chore of carrying wood and the dirt that it left behind is gone. .. You have made the transition to pellets comfortable. Thank you!

Phil & Mary Gauthier

Kingston, ON

Wilma and I have had a Harman stove for years. We replaced the first one we had only to upgrade to a newer model, we had no trouble with it at all. The one we have now had given us worry free operation and with the temperature staying at the comfort level we want. There is no other pellet stove like the Harman stove and would recommend anyone looking to converting to pellet heat, buy a Harman. They are so efficient and easy to maintain.

Dave & Wilma Harris

Lansdowne, ON

We bought a new Harman P43 pellet stove from Ferguson’s last fall to replace our old Whitfield Advantage pellet stove. The new Harman works great, self light features and automatic temperature regulation is nice. Almost as soon as the stove lights you start to feel warm air blowing unlike the Whitfield that blew cool air for several minutes. Stove stays much cleaner, glass remains clear and ashes simply fall into large ash pan. But most important is the stove heat output. The old Whitfield would heat the basement of 1000 sq. ft. bungalow but the oil furnace would still run to heat the upstairs (stove is located in the finished and insulated basement) but the Harman using the same quantity or less pellets will actually bring the upstairs to over the thermostat setting. This saves us on our oil bills. This is with the Harman stove set at 70 degrees so the basement is quite comfortable as well. Another nice thing is the noise level. While the Harman is not silent, it is a lot quieter than the old Whitfield. This is important as it sits right beside the TV in our rec room. Overall a great stove that I would recommend to anyone.

Cleat Humphry

Brockville, ON

I love my Harman especially since Earl showed me how to clean it properly.

Frankie LeMonde-Meunier

Elgin, ON

I purchased the Harman P43 wood pellet stove from Ferguson’s Energy Systems in the fall of 2010 and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made for my home. I really like how nice the P43 looks with its glass enclosed fire and I just love the warm, cozy heat that this wood pellet stove generates. I am very impressed with all the features of the stove, especially the automatic ignition and the automatic temperature control. When I have guests over, they are just as impressed as I am with those features. Not to mention the P43’s impressive appearance and how very quiet it runs. My neighbors were so impressed with my Harman that they purchased one for themselves. I will continue to recommend the Harman wood pellet stove, as well as the superior service and friendly customer support provided by everyone at Ferguson’s Energy Systems Ltd.

Ted Martyn

Rideau Lakes Twsp

We bought our Harman last October 2012, it was installed very well. I was given instructions on how to operate, maintain and clean it. It seemed all pretty simple, and it was … It is amazing how efficient it is, easy to fill with pellets, easy to control the heat and easy to clean. I had 3 birds come down the chimney this spring, 1 didn’t make it. The other 2 came in while the stove was off so we heard them in there and it was easy to get them out and back to freedom. The Harman stove was recommended by several people that we talked to including our sister/brother in law.. It is very easy to use, you can have a quick fire and sit in front of it anytime you want, unlike a wood stove. We love it and would recommend it to anyone..

Tim & Linda Marrison

Kingston, ON

My wife and I had a Harman P43 installed in September 2012 and it has revolutionized how we heat our home. We used to have a wood stove but it was so much work. Pile the wood. Cover the wood. Dig the wood out of snow drifts. Cut Kindling. Save newspapers. Clean the chimney 3 times a year. Emply the ashes weekly. Now we store most of our pellets indoors. I only need to clean the chimney once a year. Ashes only need to be cleaned out maybe twice per season. The automatic ignition system with temperature setting eliminates the need for lighting the kindling and eliminates the wood stove cycling of heating up then dropping, adding wood then heating up again.. Not only are the Harmans a great stove but Earl Ferguson is very knowledgeable about them, friendly and helpful.

Stephen & Angela Moore

Carleton Place, ON

Just a short note to let you know how much we love our Harman pellet stove, which we bought in August of 2011. Our house is so nice and warm now and we are saving substantially on our energy bill. Earl and myself would recommend the Harman stove to anyone who is looking for a pellet stove. We would also recommend people to go to Ferguson’s Energy Systems when looking for a Harman as they are so good at explaining and showing you how the stove operates.

Earl & Audrey McLaren

Perth, ON

We purchased our Harman pellet stove from Ferguson’s Energy Systems two years ago. These past two winters have been so much more enjoyable, thanks to our Harman Insert. What was once a cold section of the house is now toasty warm, for just dollars a day. Everyone comments about how attractive the Harman Insert is and how it really throws the heat. I wish I would have known about Harman pellet stoves 10 years sooner. We would have enjoyed a much warmer home over those years. Thanks Ferguson’s for recommending Harman.

Tim McMunn

Delta, ON

I am extremely happy with our Harman stove the P43, bought in 2011. It more than heats our home more efficiently. Given the size and configuration of our home, we have another smaller one in the other end of the house, but at times is not necessary. I was having some issues re: it going out, but Earl helped us determine the problem, which we think was error on our part. It holds one full bag, which is so manageable for me. Easy to clean, and the large ash box is a bonus too. Thanks again.

Darlene Nichol

Kemptville, ON

We bought a P43 Harman pellet stove last year and love it. It was professionally installed and certified by Ferguson’s. We have heated with a wood stove for years. The pellet stove is so much easier to use, safer, more even heat, a LOT less mess and dust, and no more splitting and lugging wood. It heats the whole house with ease. Pellet delivery is always on time and very courteous. We should have done this years ago.

Howard & Betty Reid

Mallorytown, ON

We are very happy with our Harman pellet stove. Wish we had purchased it years ago. We got the comfort of wood without the mess. Also the service from Ferguson’s is the best. We called them a few times and they were always prompt in coming. Thanks.

Mr. & Mrs. Rever

Lombardy, ON

After extensive pellet stove research, we are so glad we went with a Harmon Stove and purchased it from Ferguson’s Energy Systems. We have a long sprawling bungalow and even though the stove was installed near one end of the home, the heat very efficiently works its way to every room and provides a nice clean and even heat. The stove is a cinch to operate, easy to clean and extremely reliable. Earl and Justin make time to answer all 1000+ questions the we have and are knowledgeable, professional, honest and a pleasure to deal with. It is so refreshing to buy a quality item and know that it is fully backed by a family that takes pride in ongoing customer service.

Heather & Steve

Inverary (2016)