Our Story

In 1990, Earl and I moved our young family into a large farmhouse. It became evident soon after the move, we needed to find an inexpensive heat source.

Even though pellet stoves were new to Ontario, and there wasn’t a lot of feedback, Earl preferred “The Harman Pellet Stove” – he liked the concept of the bottom feed system.

We installed our first pellet stove, getting rid of the old wood stove, along with six cords of wood, all the critters and the mess. It didn’t
take long for us to discover the true benefits of burning wood pellets. In fact, we installed a second Harman that same year, replacing our oil furnace. The following year, Ferguson’s Energy Systems was created!

Not only do we sell and install pellet stoves, we also sell wood pellets…. We offer a superior delivery service, right off our truck and into your garage, shed, barn, around back, or at the end of your lane way – NO re-piling needed. The choice is YOURS!

Over the past 25 years, we have opened our home and office to many families interested in wood pellet heating. Today our front door is still open and we personally invite you to come in and explore the wood pellet concept and meet our children!

Both of our sons, Justin and Kyle, are involved in our family business. They have worked along side their father from a very young age, mastering the skills of stove installations, stove servicing and cleanings.

Joining us in the office are our two daughter-in-laws, Krista and Ashley. They are the first to the phone, greeting our customers with a warm and friendly voice all year round. Feel free to call the girls at 1-888-575-2734, or even better, stop in and meet them in person. We are confident that you will be charmed with their personalities, just as we are.

Our ambitions, dedication and hard work have been driven by a dream.  A strong, loving and close family, working together to build long loyal friendships with our customers. That dream has become a reality! One which we are extremely proud to share with the next generation. Our five grandchildren Alexa, Lucas, Brooke, Ryder & Mason.